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Frito Pie Friday- Brought to us by Homes for Heroes!

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Waffles for Warriors

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Serving Heroes Lunch at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Knoxville, Tennessee

Waffles. Nachos. Snacks. You name it! If you need a snack break or want to enjoy a meal with your buddies or your family, find a USO center!

USO Fort Campbell offers Little Lunches Monday through Friday from 1130-1300. Little lunches include: Nacho Normal Monday, Hot Pockets for Heroes on Tuesdays, Warrior Wednesday lunch, Sandwich/Hot Dogs on Thursdays and Frito Pie Friday.

Stop by USO Nashville and grab a snack any time during operational hours. The Center features a fully functioning coffee station & grab and go snacks.

Each month, the USO teams up with the Gary Sinise Foundation to offer Serving Heroes Dinners and lunches to our service members. Lunches are held at Berry Field Air National Guard in Nashville, Tennessee and McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dinners are held at USO Fort Campbell.

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