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The Great Gift Give Away 2019

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Friendsgiving Meal

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The Big Game Tailgate 2020

No one likes being away from family, friends, and traditions for major holidays. That’s why we try to make it easier through special events in conjunction with major U.S. holidays. And minor ones, too!

Many of these – such as Halloween – are geared toward the younger audience, but there are plenty of happenings the big kids can enjoy, too. From Valentine’s Day dinners and dances to Winter Fest, the USO has got you covered.

Of course, as the year draws to an end, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. It also marks the season when those far from home often miss home the most. Recognizing this, USO centers around the world work to make every service member and military family member’s holiday season bright.

USO Fort Campbell has hosted a costume parade for Halloween. We co-hosted a Single Soldier Thanksgiving in 2015. And every year, we host a week-long Holiday Extravaganza, including a Family Holiday Dinner, Littles’ Lunch with Santa, Family Holiday Movie Night, and the Great Gift Giveaway, which helps to supplement a family’s holiday celebration.

USO Nashville celebrates a “Quirky Holiday” each month. We’ve celebrated Pecan Pie Day. And Ice Cream Sandwich Day. And Oreo Cookie Day. Maybe the next time you stop by, we’ll celebrate something “quirky” with you, too!

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