Transition Tuesday 30 AUG

It is Transition Tuesday and we cannot help but brag about our clients, the Harps. They made their dream of opening a Crossfit Gym that is also a community connector come true this weekend. Break the Mold Crossfit opened Saturday and our Scout, Francisco, and his wife were there to see their action plan come to life. They believe that their partnership with local community advocates and agencies, as well as their adult classes partnering as mentors with their youth classes will provide a positive impact on high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, and healthy living that will directly influence the Healthy Louisville 2020 initiative.

Health and Wellness is just one of the pillars in a successful action plan and we are excited to see that they are taking their plan to their local youth and community!

For more information about the USO Fort Campbell RP/6 program, click on the link: [].

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