Military Spouse Programs

Military spouses don’t wear camouflage uniforms, drive humvees or walk around with a weapon. They don’t deploy overseas, work on the front lines or carry out top-secret missions at night.

But still, military spouses serve.

While their mission isn’t as flashy as a scene from “Zero Dark Thirty,” military spouses’ critical role is to make sure all is well at home so their service member can focus on doing their job. Military spouses are the silent force that makes sure the bills get paid, the kids get to school and the dog gets fed at night. They solo parent during deployments, coordinate PCS moves every few years and do all of the unseen work to make sure the household runs smoothly.

The USO offers programs to support military spouses. Some of the programs offered are:

  • Coffee Connections

  • Military Spouses Networking Events

  • USO Pathfinders Programs

  • And more!

Upcoming Events

  1. Coffee Connections | Virtual Learning 

    USO Fort Campbell

    MILSPOUSES - Join us for a virtual coffee connections! We will be talking about all things Virtual School! This is a great opportunity to learn from each other about your experiences with the world of virtual learning. USO Fort Campbell/Nashville Ce…

    Oct 29th, 2020 1:00 PM CDT (1300R)

  2. Virtual Coffee Connections | Let's Chat Childcare 

    USO Fort Campbell

    MILSPOUSES - . Join the USO as we host a virtual gathering for military spouses to connect with each other while enjoying a cup of coffee. This is a great way to network, share advice, discuss local events, and meet new friends!

    Nov 10th, 2020 10:00 AM CDT (1000R)


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